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Home » Citytours & Maps » All About Carioca, Uruguaiana & Saara

1. Igreja and Convento de Santo Antonio
2. Igreja da Ordem Terceira de Sao Francisco
3. Praca Tiradentes
4. Centro de Artes Helio Oiticica
5. Igreja de Sao Francisco de Paula
6. Confeitaria Colombo
7. Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosário e São Benedito
8. Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição
    e Boa Morte
10. Centro Cultural da Light
11. Palacio do Itamaraty
12. Estacao Central do Brasil
13.Campo de Santana (Praca da Republica)
14. Arquivo Nacional

Use the clickable map to find more details about each attraction. This is a long walking tour, and if you follow it step by step it will take you at least a couple of days. As there are three subway stops with convenient access, you can try doing this tour by parts to avoid a sensory overload. Here you will find the highligts from Largo da Carioca with Morro do Santo Antonio and surroundings, Uruguaiana Street, and the SAARA region, Campo do Santana and even the train station Central do Brasil.

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