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With a quick stroll around Ipanema you will find out that a little creativity goes a long way. Learn to mix and match. There are pieces in all price ranges, and you don't have to spend a fortune to look your best. Carioca girls are specialists in the art of creating, and with a single accessory they can completely change around a whole look.

You will see the most improbable colors resulting in perfect matches, wraps and scarves being worn as tops, dresses turned into blouses, glitter and glam on top of bikinis, silk worn with Havaianas flip-fllops. As a beach town, Rio allows you to go casual day or night.

Ipanema has a tradition glamour dating back to the 70's when Blu-Blu, specialized in blouses for ladies, turned Rua Montenegro (later renamed Vinicius de Morais) into the runway for models on sophisticated open-air fashion shows featuring top models.

Big fashion names like Krishna and Company started in Ipanema. This spirit lives on with exclusive boutiques where customers are greeted by salespeople by name, and offered a glass of prosecco while they browse. They may even give you a call when something they know is you arrives in the shop.

If you are looking for bargains, big chains that advertise on TV have already found their way to Ipanema, offering their own versions of fashion basics and accessories. Copacabana's main street and Rua Santa Clara are also a must if you are budget-conscious.
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