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While in Rome do as the Romans, and while in Rio... There's nothing better than going to the same restaurants that locals do, away from the tourist scene. It's a way of getting to know the habits and culture of a city.

If get the munchies and you're in a hurry, try the fresh-squeezed grape juice and the tuna salad sandwich of BB Lanches, in the heart of Baixo Leblon. It's open until very late at night, and if you have some time for people-watching, there are always groups of friends standing and chatting. Cervantes, in Copacabana's Lido, is another favorite with the night owls. Their hearty sandwiches like the roast-beef or pernil served on a crusty, fresh-toasted bun will make your mouth water.

And then there are the right spots for that special mood or delicacy. Relax and have a good chat while enjoying the appetizers and a cold draft at Bracarense, Botequim Informal or Jobi, in Leblon. Don't miss the local beer at Devassa. These are favorite meeting spots after the beach, perfect if you want to mingle. For a touch of class and atmosphere, do not miss the dishes at Margutta, or Sitio Lounge. When it's delicious homemade food you're looking for, try Gula Gula, Doce Delícia or Da Silva.

If you have a sweet tooth and you leave Rio without tasting the fudge-like brigadeiros and casadinhos at Colher de Pau, cakes at Café Hum and Da Casa da Tata you have no idea of what you're missing... A burger fan? Joe & Leo's built a reputation on them! Bar Lagoa, on the ground floor of a listed art-deco building, is another experience to look forward to. In addition to the hearty dishes, including some German specialties, the grumpy waiters have become a sort of a local legend.

You may think of us as being partial, but most of our favorites are located in Ipanema and Leblon. Of course it's more than worth to take a side trip to Copacabana or Leme, even crossing the tunnel to São Conrado. Here are some suggestions that are favorites with our staffers, with tips about each one of them.
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