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Madonna and other International Stars Perform in RioRio de Janeiro has a musical soul. The Marvelous City is the birthplace of both Samba and Bossa Nova! Of course there's plenty of room for other Brazilian, Latin, and international music as well. There is everything from world-famous events like Rock in Rio, to intimate cafes and lounges with live music, to free presentations at beaches Even Pink Floyd did Copacabana Beach once!

If you are going to plan your vacations around one of these major events, beware that sometimes hotel raise their rates. Try to get your tickets ahead from a reliable source and have loads of fun!

From Musical Cafés to Rock in Rio

Madonna and other International Stars Perform in RioA s usual our suggestions start in Ipanema. Real estate prices plays a factor, so expect to find smaller, more intimate clubs. There are larger musical cafés at Lapa, where the two or thre-story townhouses with listed facades. Indoors attractions including Brazilian pop and samba. There are also huge spaces like Circo Voador and Fundicao Progresso, and other venues in the surroundings - including the Sambodromo.
The largest event halls are mostly concentrated in Barra and off-Barra. They were specifically designed to accommodate with comfort major international and Brazilian attractions. Click on names of venues to access their websites. The next edtion of Rock in Rio is planned for 2013.

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