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Got a cold? Ran out of moisturizer? Looking for Brazilian eau de cologne? These are all good excuses to enter a drugstore in Rio. In Ipanema there are drugstores on almost every block of the main street Rua Visconde de Pirajá. It may be the Viagra effect, who knows, but the fact is that they seem to be doing very well.

Before you reach the counter with prescription drugs, you will pass by rows and rows of everything from shampoo to loofah sponges. And even though you will see familiar brands from back home, you will also be dazzled by the variety of Brazilian products that you have never heard about.

Even international biggies like Vichy design products specifically with Brazilians in mind. The ethnic mixture and the tropical climate create a combination that is not easy to find. The textures of hair and skin and the variety of exotic ingredients available in the Brazilian flora inspire chemists and beauticians to go a little beyond. Enjoy the benefits!

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