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Rio offers many interesting options for the budget traveler, including hotels in top areas and a host of reasonably-priced restaurants and eateries. There are snack bars in all South Side neighborhoods. A few of them, like Romagnola, in Ipanema, have are famous for their prato feito, a plate with a generous serving of rice, beans, meat and pasta for about US$3 (you eat standing at the counter).

An excellent alternative are restaurants that sell food by weight. You can have a full meal with all comfort, and pay less than US$10 - including a soda or a beer. They are a sort of a new trend in Rio, associating a variety of favorite dishes to self-serve style convenience. The food counter features an assortment of green salads, vegetables, grains, beans, pasta, and anything from 3 to 16 hot dishes including meat, chicken and fish.

A good bet is Fellini, in Leblon, or Da Silva, Fazendola, Kilograma and Carpaccio e Cia. in Ipanema. The buffet includes everything (even sushi), and on weekends sometimes there are lines at the door. Pick up a plate, help yourself, choose your dessert and drink, and head for the cash register to have you plate weighed. At Delirio Tropical, another excellent choice in Ipanema, you choose the dishes, and the attendant serves the portions at the counter. You pay by portion, and pick tableware and drinks before you proceed to the tables. See also salads and vegetarian.

If you want to go to a more sophisticated restaurant without spending too much, a good trick is to order the couvert and maybe an appetizer. Don't be shy, Cariocas do this all the time. If you're still hungry in the end, you can always go for a dessert or fresh-squeezed juice at the closest snack bar.
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