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We know that watching TV is not high on your list of priorities while in Rio. Sitll you may want to hear some news from back home. Chances are you have access to a TV set with cable channels. A wi-fi connection should also be available. Before you log in check how much is the charge per day, if there is one. some hotels offer this as a courtesy.

Now going back to TV, your cable channels are provided by one of three major companies, and they all offer a good mix. Using the SAP feature you can watch the program or movie in its original language. Yet even at familiar channels like CNN hours will not be the same as back home.

We used to try listing channels by operator with a small review about what each channel is about. But they keep changing all the time. As we do not want to provide you with outdated information here are links to the main operators and you can proceed from there. You must be logged into your Facebook account to access this feature.

In case you don't here are direct link to three main cable channel providers: Net/Virtua; TVA/Vivo; Sky Brasil

If you have any doubts consult your concierge. These cable companies usually offer a channel that only lists what is happening in the others, or there may be mosaics by themes, and in almost all cases if your hotel offers an adult channel it is charged apart. Ask about rates and conditions first.


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