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Capim Dourado do Agalma Brasil / Golden Grass of Agalma Brasil Just like any other city in the world, Rio has a number of traditional souvenirs you may find that show the major attractions. There's loads of alternatives to consider. A wonderful place to start is the Hippie Fair that happens on Sunday in Ipanema. Handcraft, jewelry in sterling silver and Brazilian gems, accessories and adornments are among the attractions.

Precious Brazilian stones that are not of gem quality are carved into all shapes and formats, and you may bring back home a collection of owl, toucans or grapes in amethyst, topaz, whatever. There are also sets of knives, coffee spoons and chessboards adorned with these stones.

Soapstone is another specialty. This is a stone so soft that even your nails will scratch it. And it's perfect for carving. Office or bathroom sets with cups and small boxes, or even miniatures of the Statue of the Christ are easy to find. Shops selling souvenirs and knick-knacks tend to be around 5-star hotels or at tourist attractions
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