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We do have some fast food chains (Mc Donald's and Bob's are the two most known) But cariocas would rather have healthier alternative for those looking for something light and fast. They  are "Carioca style"  juice stores. Polis Sucos, around the Peace Square in Ipanema, and Balada, in Leblon are among the most traditional. Order a fresh-squeezed juice or combination of your choice. Feast your eyes on exotic tropical fruit you may have never seen before and be a little daring...

The fashionable power drink these days is called açai (assah-eeh). It is made with the frozen pulp of an Amazonian fruit of the same name, with a twist of powder guarana for extra energy. Don't be frightened by the deep purple color. It actually tastes quite good. Try it at Bibi Lanches in Leblon. All of these juices store will make good honest sandwiches to order. For something different try a hot Minas cheese sandwich with banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

If you have a sweet tooth, this is also the page you were looking for. We have included on this list the best sources of desserts, sweets and other temptations. Those on a calory restricted diet should definitely avoid passing near Doce Delícia or Colher de Pau, in Ipanema. Not to mention Café Hum and its special home made cake with extra chocolate topping. In Leblon the danger is discovering the delicacies of traditional patisserie Kurt.
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