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Ipacom Travel - Travel Services in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
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Coffee-table books with images of Rio are a great souvenir, and you will find a wonderful selection at local bookshops. There are 360º photos, images of Old Rio, books dedicated to beaches, Carnival, Bossa Nova, you name it! Most of these books can be found for sale online, but nothing beats the experience of visiting a bookshop, going through the pages...

Better bookshops in Rio also have a section with pocket books in English, though the selection may be more limited. And, of course, guidebooks to Rio are easily found. Staples like Fodor's Frommer's, Lonely Planet and Time Out city guides about Rio are frequently updated and include lots of interesting information. Rio for Partiers offers a closer look into the nightlife scene with lots of photos.

Many bookshops also have a section dedicated to music, with a somewhat limited choice of CD's and DVD's in NTSC. Department stores like Lojas Americanas are also a good alternative. Tempos Modernos, a CD shop in Copacabana, is your best bet if you are looking for a wider selection or rarities. Toca do Vinicius, in Ipanema, is especially dedicated to Bossa Nova and Samba, and you can visit the Bossa Nova museum on the mezzanine.
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