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Brazilian jewelry is renowned all over the world. The use of Brazilian gems in all colors, the modern and sophisticated design, and the affordable prices speak for themselves. You may not be aware that most colored gems around the world today come from Brazil.

Forget the old notion of precious and semi-precious stones. Today jewelers think only in terms of gem-quality stones, and so should you. Take a good look at a blue or imperial topaz, or a delicate aquamarine, and dare call them semi-anything! Here you will find gems in all colors of the rainbow, and many of them are only found in Brazil. You can't go more exotic than that. Instead of a fake you can go back home with the real thing, and in many cases pay less!

Choose one of the traditional jewelers such as H. Stern, Amsterdam Sauer and Nathan, and you will find everything from classics to theme collections following or setting new trends. At Amsterdam Sauer you may visit the gem museum, and at H. Stern you can participate in a quick workshop tour, and see in person the whole production process of a hand-made jewel.

Younger jewelers are also part of the scene, and their creative and exclusive pieces are not to be missed. The pioneer was Antonio Bernardo, his work is a must-see. At Stephanie's you find more affordable jewelry, with silver and gold-plated pieces with Brazilian gems.

Francesca Romana offers more affordable jewelry, including rings with oversized gems. Francesca Romana Diana is another boutique worth stopping by. Their colorful pieces include bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are original and make a statement without costing a fortune. At Accessorize you will find the same stuff you find at the other shops around the world.

And before we forget, if you have a favorite jeweler back home, there are several wholesalers where you can buy polished gems - even emeralds - that can be later custom-set for you.

Favorite Boutiques and Shops in Rio: Jewelry and Accessories

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