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Ipacom Travel - Travel Services in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
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Brazil is a traditional exporter of shoes and leather goods. Look closely at your favorite shoes - they may well carry the stamp Made in Brazil. Your crocodile shoes or purse could easily be the offspring of a Brazilian aligator farm. If you abhor the though of some innocent animal ending up as a fashion accessory, do not dismay. For the ecology-minded, faux-leather made from natural rubber of Amazon trees is a new trend, and the quality is excellent.

With all these materials to work with, local shoe designers have long stopped following: today they set new trends. Open sandals are a specialty, they are particularly suitable to our climate. They come in all colors and materials, shapes and prices.

Sports shoes made in Brazil are cheaper than they would cost you back home. If they are imported, though, they may cost twice as much. Take instead some pairs of colorful Havaianas flip-flops to keep and give to friends.

Gilson Martins is a Carioca designer that turned plastic into a fine material. His handbags are colorful and fun, sometimes with images of tourist spots and other local icons (including the bikini).

Huge tote-bags, handbags with all sorts of compartments inside, small purses to keep essentials, coin purses with the Brazilian flag, whatever you may be looking for you are sure to find. Go window-shopping in Ipanema! We dare you to go back to your hotel empty-handed - unless you stick all the packages in the shoulder bag you just bought, of course.
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