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Ipacom Travel - Travel Services in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
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Did you break your heel? The button fell off your shirt and you never touched a needle before? Your favorite suitcase ripped en route? Worse, you stepped on your reading glasses?
It happens to everyone. It's not that you won't find a replacement if you shop around. Service in Brazil is relatively inexpensive, and if you choose to fix it you may go back home with the original plus an exotic made in Brazil replacement!

Before you press the wrong button and erase those incredible photos you took on your night out, have them printed at one of the while-you-wait digital standas, or have them saved on a CD.

Laundries are also inexpensive, and instead of spending an afternoon watching your clothing spinning at the laundromat have the professionals take care of it. They will also remove stains, dry clean, or hand-die your favorite garment.

And if you lose you rkey and get stuck out of that rental apartment just call the 24-hour locksmith to help. Use the services of cybercafes, commercial copy centers for faxes or to print documents.
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