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This page is dedicated to the cuisines of several, a true international mix. We start with the most typical regional like Greek or Arab specialties, including the almost home-made German specialties of Lucas, the beet soup from A Polonesa followed by the hot chocolate soufflé (order with your dish, as it takes a while to prepare). On colder days you may resort to the delicious fondues of Casa da Suiça. If you like Indian specialties ask for the thalis at Natraj Guilda, consisting of 8 dishes (they have a vegetarian choice).

We have also included in the list a number of traditional restaurants like the Ouro Verde, that serve international dishes. A spotlight on Portuguese cuisine, with sophisticated Antiquarius e acclaimed A Marisqueira. We also added a restaurant with postcard view to Rio like the Photochart, in charming Jockey Club.

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