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Cartoon by Ziraldo. All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados.Dinner is served late in Rio. You have plenty of time to check out the movies, or go to the theater before you dine. Rio has a strong tradition in the dramatic arts. Comedies, musicals and other theatrical plays often debut in Rio, later to be exported to other Brazilian cities and states.

There are good theaters in many South Side neighborhoods, and in the downtown area. If you have a chance, visit the luxurious Municipal Theater at Cinelândia (Centro). The charming architecture complements the excellent program with operas, ballet and classical music.

The headquarters of Rede Globo , the largest TV network in Brazil, are right here in Rio. It is more practical for most top Brazilian actors to live in the city, and many of them can be seen jogging, or walking undisturbed along Ipanema beach. Cariocas have a blasé attitude towards celebritities, and they will give you a break, unless you answer to the name Madonna, or something.

It won't make much sense going to a drama or comedy, if you don't understand a word of Portuguese (or at least Spanish). We suggest checking out the musicals, though. Singing, dancing and tapping are universally understood languages, very well spoken by Cariocas. Several theaters are also used for live music performances, and shows. The Friday supplements of O Globo, Jornal do Brasil, and Veja Rio are a great source of current information. If you don't speak the language ask your concierge to help you pick out something interesting.