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Ipacom Travel - Travel Services in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
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A gourmet? You are in for a number of special treats in Rio. If you feel like taking some of them back home to add an exotic flavor to your favorite dish, try Feira do Nordeste. They offer specialties from Brazil's Northeast including a number of colorful vegetables and grains – on our last visit we saw some varieties of string beans with stripes and spots that we'd never seen before. And if you would rather just eat them right away, there are a number of restaurants in the premises.

Delis are found all around Ipanema and Copacabana. They usually offer articles and specialties with their own label in addition to world-renowned brands. Coffee fans will not be disappointed. Brazil has a large variety of beans including some of the world's best Arabica. Shops like Armazém do Café offer premium whole beans from different regions of Brazil. You can have them fresh-ground and packaged while you wait. It's a perfect gift, though highly addictive.

As to drinks, believe it or not, supermarkets in Ipanema and some in Copacabana have an excellent choice of wines, vodkas, whiskies and other drinks from all around the world. There are stores specialized in liquor, such as Lidador – with a branch on Rua Vinicius de Morais, in Ipanema. Cachaca and caipirinha lovers will be surprised that a quality bottle of the drink in the supermarket costs a small fraction of what you would pay for a glass back home.

Premium cachacas are also available. Though prices are higher they come in so many varieties that you should start sampling at a café such as Academia da Cachaça before you stock up.

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