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Home » Carnival in Rio » Rio de Janeiro Samba Schools
Most Samba Schools in Rio were born in a working class community in the suburbs or a favela. They grew up with the community in a tradition that passed from generation to generation.

Today samba schools are well represented on the Internet with websites where you can learn details of each school, the theme they have chosen for the current Carnival, and even images of costumes that may be available for sale online. The table and the map will help you find the colors, location and websites of the 12 special group samba schools.

On Carnaval Friday and Saturday it's the turn of Group A Samba Schools, so the party at Sambódromo is now four days long!



Samba School

Official Colors

Official Website

Beija Flor

white & blue

Grande Rio

white & red & green

Imperatriz Leopoldinense

white & green & gold

Imperio Serrano

white & green


green & pink

Mocidade Independente

white & green


white & blue

Porto da Pedra

white & red


white & red

Unidos da Tijuca

white & blue & gold

Vila Isabel

white & blue


white & red

Quadras - Where Samba Schools Rehearse

Parties and Events in Rio Tonight

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