Carnaval 2024 Party Planner

Carnaval season in Rio starts basically after New Year's Eve celebrations. Things really warm up a couple of weeks ahead the official party. Dates change every year. Carnaval 2024 is from February 10th (Saturday) through Tuesday, February 13th (Mardi-Gras). The Champions' Parade is on Saturday February 17th. On Sunday mega Monobloco takes over Centro.

Pre-Carnaval in Rio has a page of its own. We are assuming you are coming for the main event, during the peak of our high season. Arriving a few days ahead makes a lot of sense. Staying a few more days afterwards, too. There's so much to do and see party-wise, that you will not have much time left to explore the city.

Friends having fun at Banda de Ipanema!
Small groups of friends wearing coordinated costume or T-shirts are always fun.

To experience Carnaval in all its glory there is a checklist of must-dos to follow. Street festivities (bandas and blocos), the Samba Parade, and Carnaval Balls or Parties make the trilogy. The off-Carnaval party circuit is an attraction apart. A lot of people come to Rio only to dance to their favorite DJ's, and enjoy the beach.

Your travel budget is also an important issue to address. Even with discounts, hotel rates are higher than during low season. The city is as crowded as it gets. Luxury costume balls and tickets to the Sambodromo are expensive. Yet street carnaval is free, and most parties are affordable.

Warming up at the Concentration in the Sambadrome.
The Concentration area of the Sambadrome is simply amazing!

Carnaval Friday and Saturday

Friday is not even an official Carnaval day, yet unofficial is perfectly fine. There are more Carnaval activities than you can handle, and the party scene is fierce. Get rid of your jet lag, set your watch to our time zone, and enjoy!

Sambódromo is already on. They renamed the to Golden Group the Access Group Samba Schools. They include many familiar names, and tickets are priced lower. You may even consider a spot at a catered box (camarote).

Cariocas are very partial about their favorite blocos! Just ask around.

We have two personal favorites on Friday. Bloco das Carmelitas is a themed event in Santa Teresa, with a profusion of nuns and priests, angels and devils. Rola Preguiçosa, in Ipanema, starts later. The concentration at Lagoa is a find. The party circuit is on big time.

Friday - February 9, 2024

  • Bloco das Carmelitas in Santa Teresa passes by the historical Carmelite Convent, which set the inspiration for costumes. Concentration at Ladeira de Santa Teresa. - 1 p.m.
  • Banda da Rua do Mercado starts gathering at Praça Quinze at 6 p.m.
  • Banda do Lido has been around since the 60's. We respect tradition. Concentration at Rua Ronald de Carvalho - 6 p.m.
  • Rola Preguiçosa in Ipanema was founded in the 90's. The Concentration is on Rua Maria Quitéria, at the corner with Lagoa. This is a smaller, neighborhood event - 6 p.m.
  • Carnaval Samba Parade Golden Group - 10:30 p.m.
  • Off-Carnaval Parties featuring our pick of the crop. All events with links to e-flyers and more details!
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  • Complete list of Blocos by day and area, courtesy of Veja Rio.
Some characters you only find at Banda de Ipanema, since 1965.

Saturday - February 10, 2024

Sometimes less is more. Carnaval happens in the peak of summer.
Attitude counts a lot. People are in a friendly party mode. Feel the good vibes!

Carnaval Sunday and Monday

These are the days of the main parade, featuring Special Group Samba Schools at Sambódromo. Some tour operators offer benefits like round-trip transportation, or access to catered boxes. Mind the face value of tickets as published by Liesa. Do not support scalpers.

Streets are happening, with a fine selection of blocos all over town. These are not the best days to go on a city tour, many streets are taken over by pedestrians in a party mode. The Samba Parade is broadcast live on TV, and on the Internet. There are more off-Carnaval parties than anyone can handle! Enjoy without moderation.

Arquibancadas or bleacher seats are the least expensive tickets to the Samba Parade.
Sector 9 bleachers are numbered. At other sectors you have to find your own seat.

Sunday - February 11, 2024

People wearing costumes do not mind posing for photos. Just ask!
Revelers wearing fun costumes do not mind posing for photos, just ask!

Carnaval Monday is your second chance to watch the Samba Parade. The champion of the previous year traditionally is the last school to parade on Monday, so you want to stay until the end.

Street festivities start early in Leme, Centro and Flamengo. Sargento Pimenta features songs by The Beatles are played with a Carnaval beat. Simpatia é Quase Amor is on full blast in Ipanema. Off-Carnaval parties featuring Brazilian and international DJ's complete the range of options.

The closest view you have to the Samba Parade is from street level frisas.

Monday - February 12, 2024

Group of friends SAFADINHAS wearing a fairy costume
Blocos happen in the open air - make sure to wear sun protection and a smile.

Carnaval Tuesday - Mardi Gras

The last official Carnaval day is Fat Tuesday, Mardi-Gras in French. If you stayed out until very late, we have good news. Fun starts very early. You also have great choices in the afternoon. In the evening Carnaval balls and off-Carnaval parties complete the package. Don't leave town, though. We have a whole lot more entertainment for you next weekend!

Age is not really a factor when it comes to enjoying Carnaval in the streets. The whole family can party together!
Different generations enjoying Carnaval together. It really is part of our culture.

Tuesday - February 13, 2024

LGBTQ Carnaval 2024 in Rio - Party planner by www.riogayguide.com

LGBTQ Carnaval 2024 in Rio

All colors of the rainbow are present at our Carnaval festivities. In addition to all the street fun and the Samba Parade, the party circuit is amazing. The best local and international DJ's are in town! This page is daily updated to make sure you get all the latest news! Courtesy of www.riogayguide.com

Post Carnaval Weekend

On Wednesday the result of the Samba Parade is announced, and you can start looking forward to the Champions' Parade on Saturday! On Sunday Monobloco is the big star, attracting hundreds of thousands of revelers. Some Cariocas say that the year only starts after Carnaval, and in many ways it is true. We hope to see you again next year!

Tickets to the Champions' Parade on Saturday are affordable!

Saturday - February 17, 2024

  • Rio Carnaval 2024 Champions' Parade at the Sambadrome is tonight! The six schools that were best placed will take over Sambódromo to celebrate. The parade starts with the 6th best placed. - 9:15 p.m.
  • Off-Carnaval Parties featuring our pick of the crop. All events with links to e-flyers and more details!
  • LGBTQ Parties We count on the expertise of www.riogayguide.com to select the best events!
  • Complete list of Blocos by day and area, courtesy of Veja Rio.
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Sunday is the last post-Carnaval day, and it ends on a happy note. Monobloco starts early in the morning, and this is one of our celebrated mega-blocos. Their parades in Centro have already attracted as many as 400k revelers, and now they are at scenic Aterro do Flamengo! We hope you enjoyed the season. There's always more next year...

All things come to and end, even Carnaval in Rio. Keep the good memories.

Sunday - February 18, 2024

  • Monobloco is a very popular mega-bloco. Concentration at Aterro do Flamengo. - 9 a.m.
  • Off-Carnaval Parties featuring our pick of the crop. All events with links to e-flyers and more details!
  • LGBTQ Parties We count on the expertise of www.riogayguide.com to select the best events!
  • Complete list of Blocos by day and area, courtesy of G1.
Hope to see you again next year. We love to share is Carnaval in Rio!