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Image by Ziraldo.  All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados.

Welcome to our copyrights page! We appreciate you don't want to make illegal use of our graphics and texts. Please read our web-friendly copyrights policy, and see how much you can do without breaking the rules. Keep in mind that we register all our material regularly, and our website is fully copyright protected.

We take it as a compliment if you like our webpages enough to save them, or print them. There is nothing wrong with that. Our pages are actually designed to work as a paper guide that you may print and bring along -- and a lot of people do this! Here are some general directives of things you may and may not do with our material.

Personal Use

As we said before, don't feel guilty if get the impulse to save or print our pages and images for your personal use. We actually recommend printing your favorite pages. Bring them along, and you have a head of a start in Rio! Maps, walking tours, ideas of things to do and see, hotlists of venues like restaurants and nightclubs, phones, and updated info are just what you to have a great time in town.

You may even make an extra copy of your favorite pages to give (not sell) to some friend that does not have access the Internet. You definitely cannot distribute our material to profit from it. At present no one is allowed to mirror our site. Do not copy information from our pages to display on your homepage or website, add a link to ours instead. If you want to use a a photo on your personal homepage, make sure to ask first.

Educational Use

Our website is recommended by several universities, schools and colleges around the world. You are welcome to add a link to any of our pages for educational purposes. If you would like to use our material off-line on lectures or classes, please tell us about it. We are not fussy, but we earnestly want to know in which ways we are being of help. This way we can provide an even better service in the future!

If you are a student... In the old days doing a research on another country, or a distant city like, let's say, Rio de Janeiro or an event like Carnival, was a painstaking task. You had to go to libraries, deal with outdated material, maybe even go to the consulate to ask hopelessly for literature. Today all we have to do is use the right entries at any major search tool, and bingo! Hundreds of pages. If you are doing schoolwork and you ran into our website, good for you.

Please use anything you feel may help you to get that A+ you deserve! But make sure to give credit where credit is due. Mention our website as your insider's source of information, so others may profit from your discovery. It would also be a nice thing to send us a note telling us about it. We love to read, and sometimes share stories like this with our visitors!

Newspapers, Magazines & TV

We have been approached by journalists from many international newspapers, magazines, TV networks looking for tips, facts or photos of Rio. If you think our pages or info may be of help on some special, article, book or program you may be working on, please tell us about it!

We will be happy to contribute with fresh insights, insider's information, even higher resolution photos if we have them at hands. We have already helped everyone from journalists to authors of fiction books, you name it.

Do not try to cut some corners, though, and use our material as if it were yours. We have friends all around the world. Our material is copyright protected, and we will not hesitate to expose you and press charges if it comes to that.

Business Purposes

Our material is protected by international copyright laws. If you try to make any commercial use of it, if you try make a profit out of it, or if you try to make believe you are the author of our texts or photos, you are obviously breaking copyrights laws.

Commercial use includes the unauthorized display of our material online by other websites or webpages (even if they're personal). We do not authorize other websites to reproduce our written material, period. If you know of anyone making suspicious use of our graphics, texts or photos, please tell us! We will take the appropriate measures, once we find out about it.

Photos by Silviano

Throughout our website you will find literally hundreds of original photos of Rio de Janeiro. They reflect our personal views of the city. We've been collecting these images at favorite spots, at popular festivities and events like Carnival and New Year's, beach sports, etc. We are proud to say that our photos have been selected by two museums in the U.S., and one in the U.K. They have also been used by several magazines and publications.

You may copy, print, and save as you wish for your personal use. We even allow selected websites and personal webpages to use a small number of our images online. You have to ask first, though. We will visit your homepage, ask to include a caption, plus a link to our main page. You may not remove the logo of our website from the photo.

We may provide upon request higher resolution, or larger versions of our photos. In this case we will have to hire the services of a third party, and charge you for it. It will also take us sometime to locate the negatives or the original versions of the photos you request, so if you need them for yesterday, forget it...

Please note that our images are watermarked with our copyright information. If you think you can copy them to display online and get away with it, you are thoroughly mistaken. Our spiders crawl the web constantly looking for websites that make illegal use of our original photos.

Images by Ziraldo

Many of our pages feature cartoons and images by Ziraldo, one of Brazil's most talented graphic artists. We do not have enough words to thank him for the generosity of lending us a bit of his talent to illustrate our pages. None of the images shown here were made especially for our website. Most of them are found on a book named Ziraldo 40/55, that covers several decades of his brilliant career.

All images by Ziraldo are copyright protected, and you are not allowed to copy them, or use them in any way. Do not display these images online without Ziraldo's written authorization, or you're asking for trouble. Ziraldo is by no means responsible for our any of texts and opinions.

This is it?

Well, we guess so... If you have read this page from top to bottom and you could not find a specific copyright details you were looking for, there is only one thing left to do: talk to us!

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