View of Botafogo and Flamemgo Bay with Corcovado Hill on the back

Botafogo, Flamengo, Catete, Glória

Rio was founded in Centro, around the Guanabara Bay. As the city grew, Glória Catete and Botafogo were incorporated. These areas are bathed by bay waters. This is where you find the classical postard of Rio, the bay stretches to Urca and the Sugarloaf Mountain. The beaches are gorgeous, yet not suitable for swimming.

In addition to the Yacht Club which is private there is the Marina da Glória. It is right next to the Domestic Airport Santos Dumont (SDU). There are many cultural attractions, historical mansions, and an eclectic mixture of buildings that portray several eras in the history of Rio. These areas are served by the subway system, so you have quick transportation to Centro and the beaches.

The grandest hotel in the area, historical Hotel Glória contemporary to the Copacabana Palace is currently under renovations. Yet you have a good choice of affordable accomodation, including options with a view to the bay. Comparatively rates tend to be lower than at the stretch from Leme to Leblon, with the ocean beaches. Find your personal favorites, and enjoy your stay!

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