Lovely girl wearing a Carnaval costume juggling colorful clubs at Banda Volta, Alice
To celebrate their anniversary Simpatia e Quase Amor invited a group of baianas to bless the way.
Wild costumes and colorful productions are welcome at street festivities. Rainha do Silicone (in drag) is surrounded by two gladiators.
Two lovely girls enjoying street festivities in Ipanema. One of them is winking at the camera.
Group of young men wearing Carnaval accessories and celebrating street festivities. The six-pack abs are not part of the costume.

Pre-Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Carnaval happens from Feb. 10 through 13, 2024. Pre-Carnaval in Rio basically starts right after New Year's Eve. Summer is high season, yet lodging rates only go up during the main event. Your best bet to save is planning your trip either around one, or two weeks ahead.

Participate in favorite street festivities featuring major Bandas and Blocos. Enjoy a free rehearsal of a Special Group Samba School at the Sambodromo. Explore nightlife possibilities. And add time for the beach, and sightseeing, of course!

Two Weeks Ahead: Jan. 27-28

Early birds get their reward. The city is not as full, lodging is priced lower, and you can accommodate sightseeing, beach hopping, and visit historical areas. Things start to warm up on Friday. On the weekend there are fabulous bandas! If we hear of any last-minute changes in the program we will keep you updated

Cariocas are very partial about their favorite blocos! Just ask around.

Spanta Neném starts early in the morning around Lagoa, with Spantinha. There's music, dancing, costumes, and mask workshops for children. Carioca culture is handed down that way! The parade starts a bit later, right after noon. They march towards Ipanema. This year there's also an after party!

In 2024 we expect to see   Banda de Ipanema opening Pre-Carnaval festivities on Saturday.  They have confirmed the parades on Carnaval Saturday and Tuesday. Gathering at 4 p.m. Around 5:30 they parade to the beach towards Leblon, take a turn at Rua Joana Angélica. The way back to Praça General Osório is along main commercial street - Rua Visconde de Pirajá.

On Sunday morning we miss the parade of Bloco Volta, Alice - the pride of Laranjeiras. Join rehearsals at samba schools or night clubs, keep an eye for technical rehearsals at the Sambodromo, and enjoy the party scene!

Saturday - February 27, 2024

Cariocas are very partial about their favorite blocos! Just ask around.

Sunday - January 28, 2024

Banda de Ipanema 2024
Banda de Ipanema attracts many colorful characters. We never miss an edition!

One Week Ahead: Feb. 3-4

This is as close as you get to Carnaval without having to deal with higher lodging rates. Try to arrive a couple of days earlier to enjoy the city, visit the sights, and enjoy the summer beach. There are street festivities happening all over town. In Ipanema the first parade of favorite Simpatia é Quase Amor is on Saturday afternoon. There is a new theme song every year, and the friendly atmosphere is contagious.

If you want to play the part, look the part. Costumes are fun!

Saturday - February 3, 2024

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Other popular blocos this weekend include traditional Bloco Suvaco de Cristo in Jardim Botânico. Also in the morning, there's Bloco da Preta - one of the biggies. In Ipanema Empolga às Nove is stationed at the beach in the afternoon, on Posto 9 The off-Carnaval circuit is on full blast, with favorite Brazilian and international DJ's at the best venues.

Cariocas are very partial about their favorite blocos! Just ask around.

Sunday - February 4, 2024

The best accessory you can bring to any bloco is a smile. Enjoy!
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LGBTQ Carnaval 2024 in Rio

All colors of the rainbow are present at our Carnaval festivities. In addition to all the street fun and the Samba Parade, the party circuit is amazing. The best local and international DJ's are in town! This page is daily updated to make sure you get all the latest news! Courtesy of