Rio Carnaval Samba Parade

PERCUSSION BAND & QUEEN - The percussion band is the beating heart of the samba school. And they are introduced by samba royalty. Meet their queen, the Rainha da Bateria.

Queen & Percussion Band

The percussion band of a Special Group Samba School has from 300-500 members. They train regularly, attend to samba school rehearsals, each band is like a big family. There's a recess across from Sector 3 where they stay. At some point they leave and march until the second recess, between Sectors 9 and 11. Cariocas have their favorite "baterias", and they are often invited to perform at parties and events.

Such an important part of the school must be properly introduced. Rainha da Bateria Raíssa de Oliveira, their Queen, is always ahead of the band. They stop for jaw-dropping performances of samba, interact with the audience, and make sure everyone stands for this magical moment.