View of Copacabana Beach and mountains

Copacabana and Leme

These two districts share the same horseshoe-shaped beach you see in postards. The borderline is Av. Princesa Isabel, with the tunnel to Botafogo. There is a good combination of residential and commercial areas. There are three subway stations with quick transportation to Ipanema or the historical areas. There are great restaurants, beachside cafés, famous bars, and nightclubs of all kinds. In addition to street shopping, Copacabana has theme malls, and lots of discount stores, too.

The hospitality business is a forté. There are more properties in this area than in any part of Rio. Iconic Hotel Copacabana Palace is a world reference. There are more 5-stars along the beach, and an assortment of superior 4-star hotels. Affordable 3-stars may feature a pool on the top floor, or even oceanfront rooms. Find your personal favorites, and enjoy your stay!

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  • Lifeguard Station Posto
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