Rio loves pets, and pets love Rio! Enjoying the park around Lagoa.

Pet-Friendly Lodging in Rio

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful destination of you are traveling with a pet. In addition to the promenades along the beach, there are many green parks that allow pets, or have pet runs.

Now let's try and find you a place to stay. Each hotel has different policies, and they may have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms. Additional charges may apply. Size can be an issue, too. Make sure to discuss the details before you make a final commitment.

A number of five-star hotels and properties owned by international labels welcome furry guests. We hope the trend spreads. There are also four and three star alternatives. Locations range from Barra da Tijuca to Centro, including Ipanema and Copacabana.

Use our interactive map for orientation. Find your personal favorites selecting the features that make the most sense to you. We picked out properties that are either hotels or condo hotels with services and a reception open 24x7 .

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Map of Suggested Hotels & Flats

Interactive Hotel Map

Our maps are numbered and color coded with the star rating for quick reference.

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Personal Favorites

Decades of experience with the inbound travel business in Rio have turned us into hotel conoisseurs. We have visited in person most properties we suggest. We know the facilities, location, and surroundings. 

Customize your search by choosing features that make sense to you. Mix and match to find your personal favorites. Use your favorite booking service to get the best rates. Our aim is helping you to make an educated choice.