Praia dos Anjos, a hidden gem, is in Barra da Tijuca near Quebra-Mar, not far from the subway station.

Comfortable Three-Stars in Rio

The star rating system works for some reference. At a three-star property we expect clean and comfortable rooms, friendly service, and more affordable rates. We assume there is a restaurant, where we can enjoy a complimentary breakfast buffet. Free wi-fi is a welcome treat. The concept applies to hotels and flats.

Rio has a wide range of comfortable 3-star choices. You can be fussy about facilities and location. Choose oceanfront, with pool, fitness center. Hotels are displayed by area, from Barra da Tijuca to Centro. Find your personal favorites, and enjoy your stay!

  • Best to Visit: Always!
  • Lodging, Comfortable, Favorites
  • All Age Groups

Map of Suggested Hotels & Flats

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Our maps are numbered and color coded with the star rating for quick reference.

Personal Favorites

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