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Deluxe Five-Stars in Rio

The star rating system works for some reference. At a five-star property we expect premium accommodations, superior service, and a special touch that makes a difference. There's a higher ration of employees per guest. We assume there is a restaurant, fitness center and pool, and we are pleasantly surprised when there's a spa. There's always a wonderful breakfast, yet most times it is not included in the rate.

Rio has a fair number of luxury choices choices. You can be fussy about facilities and location. Choose oceanfront, design, historical, uphill. Most have hosted celebrities. They may be more flexible about travelers with pets. They tend to be very strict about the policy for visitors, yet there's always a bar where you can invite your friends for drinks.

Most hotels in Rio have undergone major renovations. It still makes a lot of sense to read some of the confirmed reviews and ratings by visitors. There is a new generation of deluxe properties in Barra da Tijuca and on the West Side, including international staples. Hotels are displayed by area, from Barra da Tijuca to Centro. Find your personal favorites, and enjoy your stay!

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