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On top of Garota de Ipanema Park there is an overlook. The view will take your breath away! A perfect postcard featuring Arpoador, Ipanema, and Leblon. We are looking West.(see map).
Turning South the Atlantic Ocean and part of the Arpoador Rocks . This lifeguard station here is Posto 7. The jumbo lights on the left were installed for night surfing and swimming. With summer saving time it's the perfect place to end your day at the beach.
Photo by Marcos Silviano for | All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados. This is Garota de Ipanema Park seen from above. The buildings behind the park are part of an area known as Posto 6, between Ipanema and Copacabana. Pavãozinho, a popular community, is installed on a hill in the area. (see map ).
Colors stand out under the tropical sun. Trees and shrubs grow out of the granite rocks of Arpoador, adding a generous touch of green to the big blue. We are looking East. Now let's go on and explore the park .
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