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The Rock formation on the East side of Ipanema Beach is known as Arpoador. This is one of Rio's most scenic spots, as you have a privileged view to Ipanema and Leblon on one side, and Copacabana and Leme on the other.

The beach strip is about 500 meters long, and Rua Francisco Bhering, the beach lane, is open for residents and pedestrians only. If you go past the rocks you will find Praia do Diabo. This small beach is a meeting spot for dogs and their masters early in the morning.

The sunset at Arpoador is an attraction apart, people always stop to watch. If you go to the other side of the rocks, you can also see the sunrise in Copacabana. A lot of people do this on New Year's. Click on the miniatures for the full-sized photos and insider's tips. For more information check out All About Arpoador.

Praia do Diabo - Ipanema's Dog-Friendly Beach
All About Arpoador
Pictures of Arpoador
Geting There
Garota de Ipanema Park
Views from Arpoador
On The Rocks
Meet The Devil
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