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Ipacom Travel - Travel Services in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
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Golden Girls

Golden Boys

Golden Baianas

Mestre-Sala e Porta-Bandeira

DNA Float by Unidos da Tijuca
Drags from Ipanema
Carnival Drags from Ipanema

Street Carnival - Simpatia é Quase Amor

Praia do Diabo - Ipanema's Dog Friendly Beach

Copacabana - View from Posto 6

Bossa Nova - Maria Rita live at Ipanema Beach

Wild on Rio - Interview with Ipacom Travel C.E.O.

Roda de Capoeira in Salvador, Bahia - 1973

Cocoa Farm in Bahia, Brazil - 1973

Soccer at Maracana Stadium

Guanabara Bay Boat Ride -1971

33 Gringos do the Samba Parade

Samba & Feijoada Party

Ipanema Beach Tour

Vintage Rio - Buzios in the 70's

Botanical Gardens of Rio de Janeiro

Feira do Nordeste - Regional Market

Vintage Rio - Surfing in the 70's

Fred Weimaraner from Ipanema
Carnival Samba & Feijoada Luncheon by Ipacom Travel
Over 120 of our clients from all around the world were going to watch the Samba Parade. Instead of mere spectators, we wanted them to go back home with a more fulfilling experience. Our idea: to offer them a crash course on Brazilian culture with a delicious Carnival Samba & Feijoada Luncheon. In addition to sampling all the delicacies, everyone learned how to do the samba steps. 33 of them ended up marching with Caprichosos de Pilares at the Samba Parade! The idea was so good that it was copied by many hotels and other travel agencies in Rio.
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